Home Improvements That Will Put Your Pinterest Board to Shame

Have you ever watched hours of those TV shows where couples spend millions of dollars to make their dream home?

Then you look around at your own humble home, wishing you could do the same? Or maybe wishing to replace those squeaky kitchen cabinets at the very least. If you have, then this is for you.

Since 2020, there’s been a steady increase in home improvements that is projected to peak this year. Remodeling may seem like a big commitment and an overwhelming amount of work. While this kind of work does take time and effort, you don’t need millions of dollars or to sign up for Extreme Home Makeover to make changes in your home that you love.

Why Remodel

There’s lots of reasons someone may choose to remodel their home, whether it be more about luxury or practicality.

  • Comfort: If you’ve found the home that’s right for you, it’s time to make it personal! Remodeling is a way to individualize your space and really make it your own. Cosmetic, luxury changes such as a new kitchen backsplash or new floor tiles let you take control of where you live. Even small changes can make a huge difference!
  • Necessity: If you live in a house long enough, the day will come when something breaks or needs to be redesigned because it isn’t functioning properly. This may not be ideal at the time due to a potentially unexpected cost, but its a great opportunity to turn a routine fix into comfort remodeling. This is also a primary reason why many senior citizens remodel; aging in place often requires subtle remodeling to live in their home independently. Adding a handrail inside a shower or moving a bedroom downstairs can be necessary in many seniors’ lives.
  • Adding Value: Houses increase in value quickly, especially in 2022, but remodeling can make your home worth even more if you’re planning to sell it. While it seems intuitive that if you invest in remodeling a kitchen or living room that the house will increase in value, it’s hard to know just how much you’ll make. The simple answer is a lot. You can read more about it here.

Common Types of Home Improvements

Home Office

Working remotely seems to be here for good. So many Americans have been working from home for the past two years, and companies have been reshaping their business models around this way of working. Why not be comfortable while being productive? Having separation between the parts of the house where you work and relax can have a huge impact on what you get done in a day.


Remodeling floors makes a huge impression on potential buyers if you’re looking to sell your home. If you’re looking to stay, then floors will make your home pop in a way that feels brand new. Trading in that old carpeted floor for some polished wood can transform the space.


Your kitchen can look like your Pinterest board “Dream House.” It’s possible. The big kitchen renovations that will make the biggest impact are changing up the cabinets, backsplash, and countertops. Handles on drawers can also make a big difference. While this can be pricey, even the smallest renovations make a big difference, and the payback in value for renovating this room is roughly 50-60%.


This is a super cost-effective way to begin the big project of renovating your home. A splash of color can alter how spacious a room seems, and particular shades have proven to help lift moods and have calming effects.

Light Fixtures

Lighting can make or break any room, but especially a dining room! No need to buy a crystal chandelier to hang over the table but trading in generic shades in for bolder lighting and something that feels more like you can go a long way.

If the typical renovations aren’t your thing, read more about the kinds of renovations that have been trending specifically in 2022.

How to Start

So now you know the basics…but you probably already know exactly what you want to change about your space. The real question is how to start.

There are many different approaches out there; while some brave the DIY world, others strictly hire contractors to get the work done. No matter which route you choose to go down, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Make a budget before you get started!
  • Create a realistic timeline for the project.
  • Do the research to find the perfect contractor or supplies.

If you’re sure that you want to hire a contractor, this is a great place to start! If you want to go down the DIY trajectory, here’s a few cost-effective ideas to get you going.

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