How a Personal Grant Can Help You

If you are someone who is struggling to pay bills, need help financing home repairs or other necessities, a personal grant might be your solution. A personal grant is free money given by the federal government or private foundation in order to help you meet your financial needs. This money will never have to be paid back. Personal grants specifically help low income individuals who have a need for financial assistance. Many personal grants can include funds for:

  •  Utility Bills
  •  Home Repairs
  •  Living Expenses
  •  Debt
  • Medical Bills

To see a full list of personal grants and apply visit: It’s important to note that personal grants do not take away any benefits or programs you are eligible for. For example, if you are enrolled in the SNAP program,  you may continue to receive those benefits in addition to being awarded a grant. Personal grants are just an additional way to make ends meet. 

Receiving a personal grant can help in more ways than just being a means of financial aid. They are also a great way to show credibility. The way you use the grant can either help or hurt your chances of receiving future funding and assistance.  For example, when grants are given for a specific purpose and you responsibly use it for only that purpose, it is a great reflection on you. This will help you receive other grants and awards in the future. On the other hand, if you receive a grant to help pay the utility bill, but instead use it to pay for a vacation, it demonstrates irresponsibility. This will prevent you from receiving another grant. Needless to say, it’s important to follow through with the grant's intended purpose. 

As personal grants are a great way to lessen financial hardships, unfortunately, they are not guaranteed.  Each grant involves candidates to meet specific requirements and complete an application. Make sure to check the requirements to ensure you are eligible before applying. Grant applications are time consuming and it would be unfortunate to put in hard work only to be disqualified. To see eligibility requirements check: On the other hand, if everything checks out and your application is chosen, it will significantly help your financial situation. To see a list of available grants click here:

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