Benefits Spotlight: What Do You Qualify For?

What Is BenefitsCheckUp?

Dealing with the challenges of aging can seem daunting at times.  Whether it is you making the transition into older age or a loved one, trustworthy support resources can help minimize obstacles in the aging process.  There are over 2500 federal state and private benefits programs available, many of which can help older adults better navigate life after 55. But it can be difficult to find your way through the large array of services offered.  BenefitsCheckUp is a free and confidential resource for older adults that helps to link individuals to benefits in their local area. Those living in an area that was affected by a disaster can find resources for a variety of assistance programs as well. This resource is helping individuals embrace their age, and achieve their goals of living a happy and healthy, independent life in their homes and communities for as long as possible.

How It Works

With a large number of policies and programs that exist, BenefitsCheckUp aids individuals in doing the research for them and matching their needs to benefit programs based on eligibility requirements.

The process is quite simple and can be done in 3 easy steps shown below.  Plus, you even have the option to fill out the form on a loved one's behalf. 

Complete the Questionnaire

  • Answer a few basic questions regarding your location, demographics and needs to get started.

Instantly Get Matched With Benefits

  • Once you provide a little information about yourself, BenefitsCheckUp will match you to all the benefits you may be eligible for.  At this point, you also have the option of providing more information to get further customized benefits personalized to your needs.

Review Results

  • Review all the benefits that match your provided criteria and learn more about what each program has to offer.  From here you can start enrolling and applying to receive your benefits!

Types of Benefits

BenefitsCheckUp provides a very user friendly, simple and straightforward process.  You have the option of exploring the below listed benefit types or can choose to select all:

  • Medication Benefits
  • Health Care Benefits
  • Income Assistance Benefits
  • Food & Nutrition Benefits
  • Housing & Utilities Benefits
  • Tax Relief Benefits
  • Employment Benefits
  • Transportation Benefits
  • Education Benefits
  • Discount Benefits
  • Other Assistance benefits
  • Veteran Benefits

Other Perks

Aside from receiving a personalized report on programs that could help pay for daily expenses, such as food, medicine, and housing, BenefitsCheckUp also provides a Resource Library.  Here you can find relevant benefit programs based on where you live and a specific benefit type.  You also have the opportunity to sign up for their newsletter that includes updates and tips on staying healthy and independent as you age.  BenefitsCheckUp also provides the option to speak with a live Support Specialist to have any of your questions answered on the spot.

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