Top Resources For Senior Citizens

Getting old is hard enough on its own without having to worry about bills and medical care.

Seniors face so much difficulty with their financial security, physical mobility, and brain health…it isn’t fair! The good news is there are plenty of resources and organizations out there to help with these issues if you can find them and apply. We’ve researched some of the best programs for you, so all you have to do is read and see what sounds the best for you.

Financial Help Options

1. Social Security

Social Security is a program best known for its retirement benefits. If you have worked and paid taxes for at least ten years and have hit age 62, then congratulations! You qualify for monthly benefits. If you hold off on receiving these benefits, the monthly amount that you receive will increase until you turn 70. How much an individual receives per month depends on how much they previously made in their career and what modern prices are with inflation calculations. This system is a great thing, as we work when we’re young, we contribute to Social Security and are able to reap the benefits in our old age. Unfortunately, the average Social Security retirement benefit was about $1,614 a month, as calculated this past January. While this is helpful, it isn’t realistic for most seniors to live off a meager 19k/ per year in this economy. Social Security used in addition to other financial aid is becoming more and more essential.


The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program was designed to help make energy bills more affordable. While they won’t pay your bills in full, depending on which state you live in, they provide enormous aid! To see what they can do for you, visit their website and get a breakdown of costs based on your location.

3. AARP Foundation

This program is for seniors 50 or older who want support with paying for food, medicine, utilities, and everyday costs. AARP helps seniors wanting to learn new skills in order to make more during their last years in the workforce by offering free workshops, resources, and coaching. They also offer aid with taxes to help you keep what you earn!

AARP is an advocate of food security; not just making sure that seniors have enough to eat, but that a senior’s diet is full of healthy and nutritious foods! Their program SNAP is dedicated to this mission and can help you cut down on huge grocery bills. To learn more or to sign up, all of the information you need will be found here.

Medical Help


Medicare is America’s public healthcare program for adults ages 65 and older and individuals with disabilities. Sixty-four million Americans use Medicare to help cover their medical expenses, and it could be a great option for you.

This program is organized into sections based on services. Part A is hospital insurance; this covers more urgent hospital visits rather than yearly checkups and is free to most seniors. If you’ve worked and paid Medicare taxes for around ten years, then this service is free to you upon signing up.

Part B is medical insurance; this helps cover things like medical equipment, regular doctor’s visits, and at-home care. As seniors get older, the prices of multiple doctor’s appointments and mobility aids, such as a wheelchair, get higher and higher. With Medicare, you can pay around $170 a month (depending on income) to get coverage on these expenses. Deductibles are around $233, and your insurance will cover the rest.

Part C and D are called Medicare Advantage plans. These include all of the benefits of a typical Medicare plan but with added benefits such as aid with medication costs. Unfortunately, as of 2022, Medicare does not cover services like vision or dental care but does provide a huge help with essential healthcare.

To see if Medicare is a good option for you, take a look at their detailed pricing information. If, like millions of other Americans, you believe this could improve your situation, you’ll find all the information you need to sign up here.

Good RX

Medications are INSANELY expensive these days…and if you need a prescription to live a full and happy life, they are non-negotiable. Good RX is free for anyone to use and is essentially a database of online coupons specifically for medication. You can download the mobile app or look at their website online. All you do is type in the name of the drug you’re looking to buy, and you can save up to 80% on prescriptions! This is a great option for individuals who don’t have insurance and do self-pay options or those who use plan A/B of Medicare which doesn’t offer medication coverage.

Being a senior is hard, not to mention expensive. These programs can help relieve some of the financial and medical stress that comes with aging and let you focus on doing what you love.

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