Seniors Housing Options: What Do You Prefer?

Senior citizens are often lumped together in a way that fails to recognize the individuality and personalized needs of each adult.

There is an endless amount of living options to accommodate each person’s preferences. While various forms of communal living may be ideal for some seniors, many wish to keep their independence. If you or someone you love is a senior citizen who is looking at all of the options for senior housing, we’ve got you covered.

Living Alone

Independent Living Communities

Living alone as a senior is a very common fear, which can make it difficult for some seniors to express that this is their personal preference. Independent living is a great option for a senior who wants to have a space all to themselves. Retirement communities are a great option; you’re able to live in a community of other like-minded independent seniors but in your own detached homes. These communities are meant to make a senior’s life easier, rather than restricting them in any way. Most of these communities offer clubs, lawn service, community service, and daily meals. Typically, these neighborhoods are more accessible and walkable, making them particularly welcoming to older adults.

Having your own space with access to support and community is a great way to adapt to a senior’s changing needs. You can check out different styles of independent living options and see if it’s the right choice for you here.

Assisted Living

Despite the physical benefits of living in this type of community, it can be emotionally distressing for a senior citizen to leave their home. If the sentimental value of a home is worth more than the benefits of living in a community for older adults, that’s okay! Simple modifications can be made to a house that will make it friendlier for a senior, depending on their needs. Moving into a bedroom that doesn’t require going up or downstairs, for example, can make it possible for a senior to stay in their home.

If this sounds ideal, but you need more assistance than just a bar to hold onto in the shower, virtual retirement communities are also available. This service is low-cost compared to living in a physical retirement home but offers services like grocery delivery, transportation, and yard work for an annual fee. Maintaining a house can feel overwhelming, and these services can help a senior to remain in their home with extra support.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are a great option for seniors who require significant aid in their day-to-day functioning. They offer the most assistance and services in addition to housing, making them the most pricey. Nursing homes can be a place where senior citizens will stay for the duration of their life or can be a temporary stop after a significant surgery or injury while they recover. There are tons of nursing homes out there, so you’ll want to do plenty of research to find the perfect fit. You can find the best-rated nursing homes in your area here!

Remember: There is no shame in choosing a nursing home! They provide some of the best medical/personal care, a built-in community, and a structured daily routine.

Personal Aid

Another way to age in place is to hire at home services such as Visiting Angels. Services like this provide aid in every state for various levels of functioning seniors. Companion Care is a great option for a senior who needs help with basic caregiving tasks such as housekeeping and errands. Personal Care offers these duties and additional support with tasks like bathing and grooming; someone with a chronic condition is ideal for this type of treatment. There is also Respite Care which is an aid for family members acting as a primary caregiver to a senior citizen; a respite caregiver can step in to give the primary caregiver more free time.

The reality of living less independently is hard to come to terms with and trying to navigate finances to get the support needed can feel overwhelming. We published an article going in-depth about

Another way to age in place is to hire at home services such as low income housing options for seniors that you can read through if these options don’t work for you financially. There are so many options for seniors, and one of these less expensive options may be what’s best for you.

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