Getting Your GED

On average, individuals with their GED earn $9,000 more a year. Having a GED allows you to get a better job and practice critical skills you need to excel in life.

If you have a desire to pursue a higher education or propel your career, having a high school diploma or equivalent is necessary. Fortunately, getting your GED doesn’t have to take long. While it depends upon the person and circumstances, it is possible to obtain your High School Equivalency diploma within 2 months or less.

Can I Get My GED Online?

This day in age we come to expect instant gratification. Technology has conditioned us to believe anything and everything can be done online and often fairly quickly. Whether we are shopping, banking, taking classes or socializing, the internet provides us with the immediate results we come to crave. Unfortunately, when it comes to the GED test, taking it online is NOT an option. While it would be nice to a have fast and easy way to receive your High School Equivalency diploma online, the test is designed to be an accurate measure of one’s skills in language arts, social studies, science, and math. Therefore, it is crucial the test is administered in a controlled environment where the identity of the test-taker can be checked along with the validity of the test. The GED test can only be taken in person at authorized testing centers.

Beware Of Scams

The rise of internet convenience, unfortunately, comes with a few downfalls and that includes the increased prevalence of online scams. There are many websites claiming to offer “online GED tests” and diplomas but the facts are these are just business trying to take advantage of individuals looking to better themselves. These unscrupulous companies will charge top dollar for a piece of paper that will not be recognized by an employer or school. There are NO legitimate schools that offer a GED diploma online. You must visit a state-designated testing center and sit for the exam in person.

How Do I Prepare For The GED?

While you may not be able to earn your GED online, you can certainly take classes, practice tests and study on the internet. There are a great number of resources online, many of them free, that can help you prepare for the GED. Offering flexibility and control, these programs and resources allow you to attend class at set times and decide when you want to learn and how often. Below are just a few of the many useful resources:

You can also stop by your local library as most libraries carry test prep books. Just make sure you get one that contains information on the latest version of the GED.

Good luck!

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