Land Your Dream Job With These Interviewing Tactics

Imagine submitting job application after job application and finally receiving the chance to interview. It’s a great opportunity you are passionate about, so you really want to impress the company. To ensure the best outcome, here are the most important things to do and what to stay away from when interviewing.

What To Do:

Dress To Impress

This is the first time the interviewer will see you in person. As the saying goes, your first impression will be the lasting one. Because of this, you will want to dress appropriately. Normally business professional will do, but there are some special cases in which they require different attire. To see examples of different business attires click here. If you are unsure of what to wear, you can always ask the interviewer beforehand.

 Do Your Research

When attending an interview, there are two things you must know like the back of your hand. These two things are the company and yourself. Here are some components you will want to know about the company.

  • Company’s mission and values
  • Brands, products or services 
  • Previous clients, partnerships or collaborations
  • There social media presence and what they are doing
  • News about the company and their competitors
  • Where the company is headed
  • Any inside scoop that you can find

Understanding these topics and being able to talk about them will make you stand out as a candidate. It shows that you are dedicated, go the extra mile and are really interested in the position. The other component of studying yourself may sound strange, but it’s something many candidates forget to think about. Before interviewing, revisit your resume and all the certifications you have received. This will help you explain why you are a good fit for this position. Here is a list of questions an interviewer may ask you:

Be Prepared

Going to an interview prepared is more than dressing nicely and knowing your information. It requires you to bring a copy of your resume. There should be enough to hand out to every person who will be in the room. Being prepared also requires you to actively listen and ask questions during the interview. An interview should feel like a natural conversation and not like an interrogation. Here are some top questions to ask the employer:

What To Avoid:

Do Not Be Late

As mentioned before, your first impression sets the tone of your overall character. If you show up late to an interview, it reflects poorly on your time management skills and accountability. As emergencies do happen, make sure to communicate with the employer to let them know beforehand you will be late. This way you look professional and the company has time to work something out.

Do Not Bring Your Phone 

If your phone goes off during an interview, it is seen as an interruption and rude. Your best bet would be to turn it off or leave it at home. If you have your phone, you will be tempted to look at it. An employer does not want employees who are on their phone all day. They are looking for dedicated individuals who will be immersed in their work.

Do Not Lie

This is one of the most important things to avoid. Whatever you write on your resume and say in the interview should be 100% truthful and transparent. Employers will check to make sure your LinkedIn, resume and other platforms all match. If they find out you are lying, your application will be rejected. Employers hire you because of your past experiences and skill set. What happens if you are hired because you say you are an expert in something, but in reality have no idea how to use it? This will be a very awkward and disappointing conversation to have with your new boss.

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