Top 4 Sites to Find a Job

Searching and applying for jobs is an exhausting process. There are so many sites with different features that it can become overwhelming. In order to make this process less stressful, here are the top 4 useful job searching platforms and their function to help you land the position of your dreams.  


LinkedIn is one of the world’s largest networking sites. This platform allows you to filter your job search based on your needs. For example, you can filter the search based on industry, title of position, salary, location, etc. It allows for a more personalized search. LinkedIn is also a great tool for networking. Users are able to reach out to potential companies and other LinkedIn users. This tool is extremely useful because it allows you to ask questions and engage with employees who work in the industry you are trying to get into. 


Indeed is another source for finding jobs. It collects job applications from a variety of sources, providing users a large pool of options. The platform allows you to filter the search based on location, job title or company for a more narrowed look. It’s a quick and easy site to use. Users can upload their resumes to this site and send it out from the Indeed platform. Indeed is more focused on listing job opportunities rather than networking. 


Glassdoor is a great platform to apply to jobs, research companies and compare salaries. This site is very useful when trying to understand the company culture and dynamic. The reviews are authentic and will help answer any question you have about the company and industry. Some companies will even list the questions they ask in an interview to better prepare each candidate. Glassdoor will help you receive an inside look to determine if the company will be a good fit for you.    


CareerBuilder allows a candidate to search and apply to jobs, compare salaries based on position and has a quick apply option. This option entails the candidate to upload their resume to the CareerBuilder site and send it to companies of their choice. It is quick because there is no need for a cover letter or other application necessities, just their resume. This site is very similar to Indeed in terms of function. 

As there are a handful of other sites, these are the most reliable and effective platforms. These websites provide candidates with the resources and tools to get hired.  From searching for job opportunities to landing an interview, these 4 sites will help you each step of the way. Each site is free and can be used on a desktop or smartphone. This provides each candidate with an equal chance to land their dream job.

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