Skill Building Tips to Increase Employability

Whether you are looking for a way to advance your career or you are brand-new to the workforce, your skill set can play a big role in landing a job. Your skill set is a collection the experiences, abilities, and qualities that you know and possess. If you looking to move up in your current position or branch out into something new, building your skill set can help. To learn more about how to build your skills to improve your employability, keep reading!

What Is A Skill Set?

Your skill set is a collection the experiences, abilities, and qualities that you know and possess. The skills that we possess are usually interpersonal or technical in nature. Interpersonal skills reflect the way that we handle and work with others. How we communicate, manage, and handle conflicts are examples of interpersonal skills.

A technical skill is the ability that you have to perform a specific job. There are many jobs that require technical skills. A few examples include a bookkeeper, computer operator, graphic designer, and a nurse. Technical skills are those that you can list on a resume or application.

There are many ways to build up and expand your skill set. We’ve included some helpful tips below.

Start With A Goal

Knowing what skills you want to build is half the battle. Well, it’s part of the battle. Assess where you are and set a goal. Take a good look at what areas you are weak in and what you’d like to improve. This will give you a roadmap to help build your skills.

Take A Class

You can improve or advance your technical skills by taking a class. Whether you are looking to expand your computer skills or bookkeeping knowledge, you can often find classes at a local community college or online. Coursera offers multiple online classes in topics ranging from business, marketing, finance, and information technology.

Get A Certificate

Some industries offer courses that will give you a certificate at the end. Depending upon the certificate, you may need to take one or multiple courses. These can be a great option for someone looking to specialize in their industry and are great to put on a resume.

If you are looking to brush up on computer skills or your management technique, consider taking an online course at edX. You can either take a course for free or pay a small amount to get a certificate.

Attend A Seminar

A seminar is a great way to get exposed to new information. Not only that, it’s a great way to meet other people in the same profession that you are in, or would like to be in. Industry groups, professional organizations, or local schools may offer seminars for a variety of subjects.


If you are in an industry that is continuously changing, keep current by reading. Industry websites, blogs, or online books can be a great way to stay up to date with what’s new in your profession.

Find A Mentor

Whether you are looking to build interpersonal or technical skills, finding a mentor can be a great way to go. A mentor can help by giving you advice on areas that you can improve or ways to expand your current skill set. Plus, you develop a professional relationship with someone that you can bounce ideas off of in the future.

Join A Club

Join a professional association or club – Many associations and clubs offer seminars or other training events that can help you to advance your skillset. These are also great places to network with other professionals in the industry.

Build Up Your Interpersonal Skills

In addition to taking a course, there are other ways that you can work on strengthening your interpersonal skills. Volunteering at a local nonprofit can help you to practice organizational or leadership skills. If the thought of public speaking makes you nervous, consider joining a local business networking group to give you some practice speaking in front of others. Participating in a board or committee can give you an opportunity to develop good teamwork skills.

Expanding your skillset can put you in a good position to get a new job or move up in your current career. Whether you take a class or spend your time reading, you can always benefit by improving what you do and learning something new. As you continue to build up your skillset, you increase your employability.

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